Can I Save Financing Direct With Volkswagen?

Check out the interest rates applied by Volkswagen for vehicle financing. Volkswagen is one of the largest car makers in Brazil.

Volkswagem Financial Services is responsible for financing and sales of the automaker that currently has more than 600 dealerships in the country. Who buys a car today by Volkswagen pays lower interest rates compared to the traditional banks of the country.

In order to be able to finance a car by the automaker you must choose some vehicle model from Volkswagen. If you like the manufacturer’s cars, before financing you should consider the interest rates offered, a prime point when choosing where to finance.

Volkswagen is among the lowest rates on the market among automaker banks and traditional banks.

What are the interest rates on vehicle financing at Volkswagen?

What are the interest rates on vehicle financing at Volkswagen?

According to data released by the Central Bank of Brazil, Volkswagen has the 3rd lowest interest rate in the market to finance a vehicle. The automaker’s bank has average interest rates of 1.57% per month and 18.84% per year.

Compared to a GMAC (Chevrolet) loan that has the lowest interest rate on the market, check out how much you would spend and how much interest impacts the final value of a loan.

Considering the financing of a vehicle that costs R $ 25 thousand with R $ 5,000 of entry and installment in 36 times (three years), check the values:

Volkswagen (1.57% per month): $ 26,334 x GMAC (1.30% per month): $ 25,151.20.

In the simulation there is a difference of R $ 1,182 in the values ​​between the automakers. The comparison does not include other fees charged on market-applied financing models.

What are the conditions offered by Volkswagen for vehicle financing?

What are the conditions offered by Volkswagen for vehicle financing?

The automaker’s bank provides financing to individuals and companies. In the case of individuals it is necessary to present documents such as ID, CPF and proof of residence and income. If you are a legal entity, you must present the company’s CNPJ, the income tax returns for the last two years, the billing balance for the last 12 months and the proof of address of the company.

There are two financing options offered by Volkswagen: CDC (Consumer Credit Director) and leasing. In the first case, the financing is available only to individuals with a term of up to 60 months. Leasing is only available to legal entities with a term of up to 60 months for payment.

Among the fees charged for Volkswagen vehicle financing are:

  • Company registration;
  • Vehicle change after payment;
  • Attestations and statements;
  • Copy of documents.

To get financing from Volkswagen, simply contact the automaker for more information.