June 2021

Stone wall

A stone wall will be built on the Irmak Zonguldak railway line

A stone wall will be built on the Irmak Zonguldak railway line

A stone wall will be built on the Irmak Zonguldak railway line

The construction of the stone wall between the line Irmak Zonguldak Km 327 + 350-327 + 500 and the construction of the stone wall between the line Irmak Zonguldak Km 362 + 265-362 + 215 will be the subject of a tender opened in accordance with Article 4734 of Law No. 4734 on Public Procurement. 19, offers will only be received electronically via EKAP. Detailed information about the auction can be found below:
HRN: 2021/323072
1 of the administration
b) Address: Behiçbey on Anadolu Bulvarı YENİMAHALLE / ANKARA
c) Telephone and fax number: 3122111449-5208781 – 3125208949
ç) Web page where the tender document can be viewed and downloaded using electronic signature:

2-Construction work
a) Name: Construction of stone wall between Irmak Zonguldak line km 327 + 350-327 + 500 and construction of stone wall between Irmak Zonguldak line km 362 + 265-362 + 215
b) Quality, type and quantity:
Rubble construction with 327 m1926.5 freestone at the 3rd km and rubble construction with 362 m915.73 freestone at 3. km and other works
Detailed information can be obtained from the administrative specifications contained in the tender document in EKAP.
c) Place of manufacture / delivery: KARABÜK – ZONGULDAK
d) Duration / date of delivery: 180 (one hundred and eighty) calendar days from the place of delivery.
d) Start date: within 7 days from the date of signature of the contract
delivery to the workplace will begin.

3 the offer
a) Date and time of the call for tenders (deadline for submission): 01.07.2021 – 10:30
b) Meeting place of the tender committee (the address where electronic tenders will be opened): 2nd meeting room of the regional management

The notices of invitation to tender published on our website are indicative and do not replace the original document. The original document is valid for the differences between the published documents and the original tender documents. Our sources are the Official Gazette, Daily Newspapers, Public Institutions and Institution web pages.

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Stone wall

10 best stone wall Pokémon in games, ranked

Be a stone wall Pokemon doesn’t necessarily mean being the tallest. After all, a large Pokémon with a lot of type weaknesses won’t be very effective defensively. A Pokémon’s movements, stats, and abilities are major factors in determining whether or not it is a stone wall.

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If a Pokémon has an ability that allows it to absorb damage, movement that can replenish its HP, and a number of immunities or resistances, this will make an excellent stone wall. They might not be the fastest or the most offensive, but surely any well-rounded team needs a formidable wall.

ten Tangrowth can wrap opponents around his finger

Tangrowth’s defense against physical attacks is high, at 125. His special defense is much lower, at 50, but this is countered by his regeneration ability, which restores a third of his health when extinguished, and the fact that he can learn Giga Drain, which has 75 power and restores up to 50% of the damage it deals to the target.

Equip Tangrowth with an Assault Vest and that would increase his special defense by 50%, he just wouldn’t be able to select a status move except Me First.

9 The right setup can make Shuckle almost indestructible

The notorious damage sponge, Shuckle has the highest Base Defense and Special Defense stats of any Pokémon available. While it has a ridiculously low base attack (10) and HP (20), these can be countered by Shell Smash, a move that lowers Defense and Special Defense by one level and increases attack. , special attack and speed of two levels.

Alternatively, there’s Power Trick, which changes raw attack and defense stats. Use Rest to pick up HP and Toxic to do continuous damage, and suddenly Shuckle is quite the stone wall.

8 Amoonguss can absorb a lot of punishment

Pokemon Amoonguss

Amoonguss has 114 base HP, and using his regeneration ability, he can absorb a lot of damage. At level 28, he can learn Giga Drain, which deals damage while restoring health.

It has no immunity but it is resistant to combat, water, grass, electricity, and fairies. His Clear Smog move resets stat levels while dealing damage, and he can learn Toxic to deal heavy poison damage.

7 Ferrothorn has a lot of resistances and high defense stats

Ferrothorn on a platform

Ferrothorn is only weak against Combat and Fire types, is immune to poison, and resistant to nine different types. Its base physical defense of 131 and its special defense of 116 allow it to buy time against a Pokémon affected by status or to heal injured party members.

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The Harden move, which he knows from level 1, can make him even harder to beat, while Ingrain can make him immune to moves like Whirlwind, so he can’t be forced to change.

6 Venusaur is versatile and has a good defensive strike

Venusaur has excellent defensive stats, is resistant to five different types, and has a number of recovery options. Its synthesis is best used during the day, as it restores half of its maximum HP in direct sunlight.

Giga Drain can also be used to deal damage while regaining health, Toxic can severely poison targets, and Stun Spore and Sleep Powder are good for stalling. Venasaur’s volume and set of movements make it a great stone wall, and it has both Mega and Gigantamax shapes.

5 Chansey has a fair amount of HP

Chansey’s base HP stat alone makes her a rock wall. At 250, he’s just behind Blissey, who isn’t far at 255. Chansey is able to reap the benefits of an Eviolite, a type of evolution stone that increases defense and special defense from Pokémon that aren’t. not fully evolved.

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Blissey’s stats aren’t that much better than Chansey’s, so it makes sense to equip the latter with an Eviolite to get the defensive boost. His Soft-Boiled movement also means he can restore up to half of his HP in battle.

4 Hippowdon has the makeup and moves to infuriate opponents

Pokemon hippodocus walking

Hippowdon is fortunate to have bulk, with a base HP of 108 and Defense of 118. Slack Off recovers half of his HP, while Whirlwind can be used in conjunction with Stealth Rock, the former to force the target. to change and the second to deal damage to the incoming Pokémon.

While holding a Figy Berry, half of Hippowdon’s health will be restored when he drops to a third, and due to his mischievous nature, he won’t become confused when he eats it.

3 Suicune has natural volume and a set of movements to complement it

Anime Pokémon Suicune

Suicune has solid defensive typing and natural volume, with base stats of 100 for HP and 115 for Defense and Special Defense. Calm Mind can increase its Special Attack and Special Defense by one level each.

The held item Remains would allow him to regain health, otherwise he could receive a Chesto Berry and learn to use the rest to restore health and replace any non-volatile status conditions he is afflicted with.

2 Cresselia might not look like one but is a chariot beast

Cresselia has an impressive volume, with 120 for base health and defense, and 130 for special defense. Moonlight restores his health to half in direct sunlight, and he can also learn Toxic to deal poison damage. Cresselia’s levitating ability makes her immune to moves such as Toxic Spikes, Sticky Web, and the Arena Trap.

Psycho Shift is Cresselia’s ace in the hole, as it heals any non-volatile status conditions it may have and afflicts the target instead.

1 Skarmory is the ultimate flying stone wall

Skarmory flying in the air

Skarmory’s strength lies in its lack of weaknesses. He is only weak against Fire and Electric types, is immune to Poison and Ground types, and has resistances to eight different types. Add to that a physical defense of 140 and a special defense of 70 and it’s going to be extremely difficult to defeat.

He can take out dangers with Defog, restore HP with Roost, and use Whirlwind to deal damage to opponents who log in. Skarmory has to be one of the best Support Pokémon.

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A collage of several different dragons from different video games

10 games with the most interesting dragons

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Stone wall

Alan Cumming, Ariana DeBose, Demi Lovato and more added to Stone Wall Safe Spaces concert

Tom D’Angora and Michael D’Angora will present The Stonewall Inn Safe Spaces concert for The Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative, the official non-profit organization of The Stonewall Inn. The event concert, which will serve as The official launch of the Stonewall Inn PRIDE will benefit the Safe Spaces community partners of the Stonewall Inn Gives Back initiative, which are LGBTQA + centers in parts of the country.

Safe Spaces certification will identify and designate entertainment venues, dining venues, shops, businesses, and other public places, as safe spaces for LGBTQA + members of the community. The standards and certification process will be designed by the community in some of the hardest parts of the country to be LGBTQA + and by some of the most marginalized people in the LGBTQ + community.

The event will feature musical performances and appearances from a diverse group of members of the LGBTQ + community including Desmond is Amazing, Lance Bass, Michael Judson Berry, BETTY, Alexandra Billings, Matt Bomer, Pierre Boo, Jiggly Caliente , Nicky Champa, Margaret Cho, Garrett Clayton, Jackie Cox, Alan Cumming, DJ Chauncey Dandridge, Alex Blue Davis, Ariana DeBose, Lea DeLaria, André De Shields, Shea Diamond, Billy Eichner, Emily Estefan, Thatianne Fermin, Filter Brita, Harper Grae, JJ Hawkins, Perez Hilton, Lance Horne, Amanda Lepore, Demi Lovato, , Andreas Moss, Isaac Mizrahi, Chelsea Piers, Randy Rainbow, Lisa Ramey, Anne Ramsay, Anthony Rapp, Jai Rodriguez, Jason Rodriguez and House of Eon, Rosé, Angelica Ross, George Salazar, Omar Sharif, Jr, Leo Sheng, Justin Teodoro, Angelica Torres, Tree, Michael Urie and Sasha Velor. They will be joined by proud LGBTQ + allies, Sophia Bush, Alyson Cambridge, Chelsea Clinton, Diana DeGarmo, Donna DeLory, Fran Drescher, Morgan Fairchild, Niki Haris, Kiesza, Michelle Kwan, Lorna Luft, Julianna Margulies, Melissa McCarthy, Debra Messing, Julianne Moore, Beto O’Rourke, Amy Poehler, Jordin Sparks, Renée Taylor, Nia Vardalos, Martha Wash, Rita Wilson and Ace Young with remarks from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

All proceeds from the event will be used to raise funds and awareness for LGBTQA + centers and secure spaces of community partners when they reopen physically. Community partners who will help develop the Stonewall Inn Gives Back Safe Space designation process across the country are:

·The Borderland Rainbow Center, El Paso, Texas

·Just Us at the Oasis Center, Nashville, Tennessee

·The Magic City Acceptance Center, Birmingham, Alabama

·Gulf Coast Equality Council, Gulfport / Biloxi, Mississippi

·Utah Pride Center, Salt Lake City

·Kansas City Center for Inclusion, Kansas City, MO

The Stonewall Inn has long been a beacon of global hope and has been regarded as one of the original safe spaces and community hubs for the LGBTQA + community for over 50 years. The Stonewall Inn Gives Back initiative is inspired by the struggles and ideals of the LGBTQA + rights movement born out of the Stonewall Inn rebellion in 1969. Through awareness campaigns, educational programs, fundraising and public dialogue frankly, the Stonewall Inn Gives Back initiative supports local organizations. and marginalized communities around the world by focusing on those where progress towards equality has been slow and spreading the Stonewall Inn legacy where it is needed most.

Tom D’Angora and Michael D’Angora (in association with Tim Guinee) have produced virtual fundraising events to help various New York institutions as they struggle to survive the pandemic. Past events have included Save Birdland, the Save West Bank Café Christmas Day Telethon and most recently the York Theater musical (the musical)! The three events have collectively raised over a million in the past five months.

The Stonewall Inn Safe Spaces concert is also produced by Victoria Varela.

The poster art was created by illustrator and designer Justin Teodoro.

* The list of artists and appearances is subject to change.

The Stonewall Inn Safe Spaces concert is sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery, FCB Health New York, Hawkins Mikita, Jagermeister USA, Jennifer Brown Consulting, JetBlue, Saks Fifth Avenue and Video Out.

Airing on LOGO on Tuesday, June 1 at 8 p.m. ET at and

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