Body Painting Corporate Brisbane offers free color consultation in Brisbane, QLD

Brisbane, Queensland – Body Corporate Painting Brisbane offers free color consultations to corporate clients, including works councils and managers. This consultation aims to provide clients with the best selection of colors based on their tenants’ turnover, building traffic, etc.

When consulting, this company uses digital overlay. This state-of-the-art tool allows them to take a photo of a building and compare how it looks with or without a particular color palette. This helps the customer get an overview of the property before spending money, reducing frustrations and disappointments. They also advise on appropriate paint types and recommend color tones for doors, hallways, entryways, etc.

Color consultations are conducted by a team of experienced technicians familiar with the various color options. One of their offered services that uses this professional advice is exterior painting of their bodywork. Specialists apply paint to several surfaces, including coated and bagged surfaces, which have a smooth and rough cement finish respectively, and it is recommended that they be repainted every ten years. They also offer painting services on masonry and stone surfaces, wood and fiber cement panels, brick buildings and other areas like gutters, downspouts, soffits, fascias and the eaves.

These specialists offer painting services in common areas, such as walls, ceilings, frames, baseboards and doors. This team uses the best paint mix and their experience working on small and large projects positions them better to paint hard to reach areas. Body Corporate Painting Brisbane also offers maintenance painting jobs for businesses, protecting clients from unforeseen painting costs.

Additional services offered include coating inspections and cost consultation, where in larger properties drones are used for accurate reporting. These are essential for establishing repainting costs and fixing common problems such as water damage, concrete spalling and rust buildup.

Body Corporate Painting Brisbane has built a reputation for quality control by using quality paint products from trusted local suppliers. In addition, it assigns each project to a certified administrator. Another benefit this company offers to clients is minimal disruption to tenants, which they achieve by working closely with works councils and managers to come up with the best plan, not to mention supporting painting services. with industry standard warranties.

Speaking more about their services, the company representative said, “Our experienced team is fully focused on delivering high quality projects. When it comes to corporations, we understand the importance of a professional finish to maintain the property’s long-term investment. We can help identify and resolve issues that may affect property value.

This company is located at 22/47 Park Road, Brisbane, QLD 4064, AU. Contact them by calling 1800577398 to schedule the service. Visit the company’s website to find out more about Body Corporate Painting Brisbane.

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