Borrowing money – Here we compare loans with the best in test 2018

Borrowing money is incredibly easy to do online today, which has made it a jungle among all the options out there. In this guide we go through in a great way just everything that has to do with borrowed money.

We want to see our star page as well as this page as the hub and then we build guides around these two guides. Whatever your question about borrowing money, we hope to help you with that by reading this guide. We list different lenders in different categories and filters so you can compare yourself. That way you will never be fooled.

We believe that you compare loans best together Where we simply discuss loans together to find the best interest rate. And that’s what you can do here.

Borrow money quickly and directly


Is it fast as in quick payout or is it borrowed money with fast repayment? We have chosen to make two different lists just for that reason. One where you see which ones have quick payouts if you are granted a loan. And then a list of those options where you have to repay the loan in the near future. Which we include all those who have less than 6 months repayment period.

Can you borrow money directly? Sometimes you may want to have the money in your account directly and therefore many are looking to borrow money directly with payment quickly. We therefore always try to sign with every lender, bank, loan broker and comparison service about how fast they pay out money. However, it can vary greatly. Borrowing money directly is the guide where we list loans where you can get a payout directly.

Direct payment with the money in the account within 24 hours

Direct payment with the money in the account within 24 hours

Not many people offer direct payments, but there are a few, so we’ve compiled a list to find out which loan is best when it comes to paying out money directly in the account. Or at least you increase the chance of avoiding it. If you take lenders that you feel you trust, then the chances of avoiding it even more increase.

Then the definition of cheated is different but what we mean by that is that you are not implicated in any condition that becomes more expensive than you intended. We have sorted large parts of Google’s results and put in different categories of loans.