Stone wall

Stone wall

6 tourists from Machu Picchu arrested for allegedly damaging a stone wall and defecating at the temple | national

(FOX NEWS) – Peruvian police said on Tuesday that all six tourists, except one, accused of damaging the ruins of Machi Picchu and defecating at the site would be evicted, while the remaining visitor would be prosecuted.

Fox News reports that the group was arrested on Sunday following allegations that they damaged part of one of the world’s most visited tourist attractions and left excrement in the holy temple of the Sun.

The suspects initially faced up to four years in prison, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported on Tuesday before news broke that authorities would deport most of them instead.

“The six tourists are being detained and investigated by the prosecution for the alleged crime against cultural heritage,” said Wilbert Leyva, the regional police chief of Cusco, according to local media quoted by AFP.

According to Leyva, officials found the group – comprising citizens of Chile, Brazil, France and Argentina – in a small part of the temple, where they also found part of a stone wall that had fallen. “Broken” and had cracked the ground. Authorities also reportedly found excrement in the temple.

The Argentine will now remain in Peru after admitting to playing a leading role in the alleged vandalism, the outlet reported.

Several areas of the semi-circular Temple of the Sun are said to be off-limits to visitors, AFP reported. It is believed to be one of the holiest sites in the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, where devotees made offerings to the sun.

Machu Picchu is the first tourist destination in all of Peru and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Over a million people visit the ancient stones every year.

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Stone wall

xiaowei bai concrete volumes old stone wall for tea house in latvia

designer xiaowei bai proposed a guest house by placing concrete volumes in an old stone barn wall. this project transformed an old, half-ruined barn into a guesthouse for a tea maker in rural riga, latvia. the contrast between the textures, materials and geometries of the old stone wall and the new concrete pavilions complement each other in an attractive aesthetic.

the designer added seven simple concrete pavilions which are strategically composed inside the old stone wall boundary. the guesthouse offers six beds, a tea making and tasting studio, kitchen and a multi-purpose activity room for guests to experience local tea culture and retreat to town.


each pavilion is specially designed and composed to be the size necessary for each experience. volumes are tailor-made to suit tea drinking, tea making process, leisure activities and comfortable guest house accommodation. the interiors of the pavilions are lined with warm wood, which covers the floors, walls and ceilings. the smooth, natural surface contrasts with the raw concrete on the outside.


courtyards of different sizes are created between the pavilions, which bring natural sunlight and cool ventilation into the rooms. each pavilion is open to the adjacent courtyards on two sides in order to extend the interior space to the exterior nature. moreover, all the pavilions are linked to each other by these courtyards.


inside the old stone walls, a glass corridor winds between the open spaces to connect the pavilions to each other. designer xiaowei bai has fashioned different types of open spaces within the ancient boundary of the stone wall, the concrete pavilions and the glass corridor which still offer the contrast of solid and transparency, openness and openness proximity and changing materials and environments.


xiaowei bai adds concrete volumes in old stone wall for tea house in latvia

xiaowei bai adds concrete volumes in old stone wall for tea house in latvia

xiaowei bai adds concrete volumes in old stone wall for tea house in latvia

xiaowei bai adds concrete volumes in old stone wall for tea house in latvia

xiaowei bai adds concrete volumes in old stone wall for tea house in latvia

project info:

designate: Xiaowei bai

competetion: tea guest house

site: Riga, Latvia

designboom received this project from our ‘DIY submissions‘, where we invite our readers to submit their own work for publication. see more project submissions from our readers here.

edited by: cristina gomez | design boom

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Stone wall

Legal uncertainties remain a stone wall for foreign investments: BI – Business

News Office (The Jakarta Post)

Jakarta ●
Sat, September 7, 2019

bank-indonesia, BI, investment, license, foreign-direct-investment, FDI
To free

Legal uncertainties have kept foreign investors from investing in Indonesia, especially in new or green projects, Bank Indonesia (BI) senior vice governor Destry Damayanti said in Jakarta on Friday.

Licensing processes were more difficult for investors to measure than funding or labor issues, she added. Many permit application processes do not have clear deadlines and procedures, which discourages investors from setting up businesses in the country.

“In the future, investors will be invited to invest in brownfields [existing] projects, ”she said.

The 2019 Joint European Chambers Business Confidence Index (BCI) found investors unimpressed with economic stimulus provided as part of a series of economic policy programs implemented by the government since the beginning of last year.

Like last year, the regulatory environment and bureaucratic inefficiency remain the top two investment challenges, with 78% and 75% of respondents worrying about these aspects.

Investment, the second largest contributor to Indonesia’s GDP after household spending, grew slowly to 5.01% in the second quarter, down from the 5.85% expansion recorded in the same period last year, according to data from Statistics Indonesia (BPS).

The indicator contributed to a slowdown in GDP growth in Indonesia, which was recorded at 5.05% in the second quarter, its slowest pace in two years.

At the same time, higher foreign direct investment (FDI) is needed to ensure a lower risk of capital outflows in a volatile global market in the future, Destry said.

In July, capital inflows to Indonesia amounted to 170.1 trillion rupees (US $ 12 billion) in the form of stocks and sovereign bonds.

“It will be better if it is supported by high FDI,” said the former economist at Bank Mandiri. (aspic)

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Stone wall

The Orchid and the Great Stone Wall – The Diplomat


The more Beijing seizes Hong Kong, the more its control slips.

Police officers armed with batons and shields shout at protesters during a protest at Hong Kong airport on August 13, 2019.

Credit: AP Photo / Vincent Yu

Xi Jinping is a beset man, fighting on all fronts. The terror and lies of its ethnic cleansing of the Turkish peoples in western China continues at a rapid pace. Across the country, repression has reached levels not seen since the days of Mao Zedong’s disastrous campaigns. Abroad, Beijing’s threats and ploys are now regularly exposed, driving out Taiwan while presaging the treatment China’s neighbors could receive if the current regime grows unchecked. There seems to be no place for the Chinese Supreme Leader to find refuge.

Enter the Hong Kong protesters. Exasperated by a proposed extradition law, one more step in Beijing’s gradual erosion of Hong Kong’s special status, its citizens took to the streets to demonstrate. The Chinese authorities are said to have coordinated with the Hong Kong triads to suppress the protesters (working with organized crime rackets seems to come easily to the Chinese Communist Party). So far, however, all efforts by the Hong Kong government, police and others – including the mainland police covertly brought in to suppress the protests – have been insufficient to suppress the people’s defense of their rights. So Hong Kong and the world are waiting to see if Xi will order his mighty and numerous armed forces to crush the protesters.

Mao said that political power arises from the barrel of a gun. But Confucius insisted that true rule comes through law and virtue, echoing Zechariah’s warning: “Neither by force nor by power. There is no doubt that the power of Mao and Xi can subdue the masses for a while. But as long as people cherish freedom, Xi’s coercion and tyranny will eventually fail, just like Mao’s.

Even if Xi’s strategy is successful, it means the abject suppression of independent thought among the entire Chinese population, hampering the Chinese economy. In addition, the world is starting to crack down on an increasingly earthy China. Violently suppressing Hong Kong would belittle all that remains of Beijing’s credibility and potentially turn China into a pariah state, a far bigger setback than after the Tiananmen massacre in 1989.

Hong Kong people are known for their business acumen, not their politics. If Beijing’s encroachments hadn’t started to pinch them seriously, they would have been pretty quiet. And as Hong Kong and Taiwan have shown, there is no contradiction between Chinese civilization and democratic governance. Thus, Beijing’s attempt to suppress Hong Kong is an arbitrary decision by Xi, and not a requirement of the situation.

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Beijing equates peaceful protests with “terrorism,” suggesting that there is no lie so wrong that they won’t tell it, and perhaps there is no crime so despicable as they are. will not do it. Given its prodigious capacity for violence, it is perhaps only a mad hope that prompts Hong Kong people to face government bullets with their own flesh.

Hong Kong people have made their point. Xi’s solution is to accede to their demands and allow them to be patriotic citizens in their own way. A city that has been independent for a long time is not a threat to the Chinese Communist Party. But a second Tiananmen massacre could be.

The views expressed in this article represent the personal views of the author and are not necessarily those of the Department of Defense or the Department of the Air Force.

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