Elden Ring Homing Instinct Paint Location and Solution

the Elden Ring Homing Instinct Paint location and solution are a fun puzzle that has a pretty cool reward if you lean heavily into using magic. Of course, there are two potential problems here. First, you need to determine where the painting is and examine it. Then you need to find the location seen on the board. Don’t worry, we’ll cover both in this guide.

Elden Ring Homing Instinct Paint Location and Solution

Return Instinct Elden Ring paint location and walkthrough

The Elden Ring Homing Instinct paint location and solution are unfortunately not very close to each other. That’s what guides are for, isn’t it? So, first of all, the location of the painting. We’ll start with the Waypoint Ruins Cellar Campfire; sorry, thanks site. From there we go east/northeast. What you’re looking for is the Artist’s Hut, which has its own site of grace, just in case you need to come back and take another look at the painting. The shack itself is a completely dilapidated wooden shack, and the painting is inside. Be sure to examine it to get it as a side quest. It will be in the “Info” section of your inventory.

So, that’s the Homing Instinct paint location in Elden Ring, and now for the solution. We’ll start with the Grace Stranded Graveyard, or at least its general location. Take the elevator to the surface and exit the building. Go down the slope to the north, then turn to the east. When you reach the edge of the cliff, you will see an archway in the distance, with what appear to be small statues nearby. Remember where it is, then head down the slope to the south, lest you fall to your doom. From the bottom of the slope, go east and you will find these small statues. Turns out it’s actually a pile of tombstones. As you approach, a ghostly apparition of the Painter will appear, then disappear again. In its place will be an item, the Casting Scarab. It slightly reduces the FP cost of casts, but increases damage taken.

Very early in your exploration of the Elden Ring world, you will discover that you must prepare your character for different tasks. You will have to learn how to use Ashes of War, use two-handed weapons or use magic spells during your adventures. Many secrets also await you, such as a hostile NPC Sellen who does not let you see his shop, an invisible man in a bush or a huge turtle with a bell that allows you to duplicate some very important objects.

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