Elden Ring Prophecy Painting location and walkthrough

You’re probably all over this game already (and you should be), but the Elden Ring Prophecy Painting and Walkthrough at the location of the reward causes problems. Luckily, we’re here to help. We have looked into every nook and cranny of this wonderful game. Now you can benefit from our hard work. Read below how to find the Elden Ring Prophecy Painting Location.

Elden Ring Prophecy Painting location and walkthrough

Elden Ring Prophecy Painting Location

In order to find the Prophecy Board, you must first go to Stormsail Castle. More exactly, to Room on the elevator side Grace website. Once there, exit into the court. Then take the short staircase straight down (watch out for enemies on your left). Then, just before the start of the ramparts, take a just after the tree and you will find the painting of prophecy. He will show you where you will find the reward.

Now, to get to the actual reward, you’ll have to travel a bit. Namely, you should go to the South Island (which is quite similar to Australia, oddly enough). Once you reach the pilgrimage church Grace’s site you are close. Go straight up north of the cliff. Do not fall. On the other side you will notice a monument at the top. Then, follow the cliff to the right, until you see the illusion of a man sitting and painting. Congratulations, you have found the secret location of the prophecy painting!

Finally, do not hesitate to collect your reward. This is the Warhawk Ashes summon. Have fun and keep going, because Elden Ring has so much to offer!

Elden Ring Prophecy Painting Reward
Reward for solving the Prophecy Painting puzzle

It was the place of painting of the prophecy and the reward. I hope you’ll join us in the never-ending quest for all the loot, secrets, and locations in this magnificent game in our Elden Ring guides section.

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