Elden Ring Redmane paint location and solution

Paintings are a new type of puzzle introduced in Elden Ring. Unlike most other puzzles in the game, the paintings are split into two sections. First, you need to find the paint itself. Then you need to figure out where the place that hurts you is and get there. And, if you go to the right place afterwards, you can claim a reward there. The Redmane Paint is one of those puzzles, and it’s definitely worth solving, especially if you’re playing a DEX Bow Wielder. Our Elden Ring Redmane paint location and solution guide will show you exactly where you need to go to solve it.

Elden Ring Redmane paint location and solution

Even though the painting is called Redmane Painting, you won’t find it at Redmane Castle. Instead, you have to search for it in Sellia, city of witchcraft. He is hidden there in a pile of rubble. Once you find it, approach it and read the message. Now that you’ve discovered the painting, you need to know where the landscape painted on it is. Looking for a place near a Minor Erdtree north of Fort Faroth. Incidentally, this is near where you can easily farm over 90,000 runes from a dragon.

Once you reach the ledge there, you’ll need to be very careful how you get down. You have to find the right place from where to jump to the branch without getting killed by the fall. Jump from branch to branch and onto the stone platform. When you get close to the ground, summon Torrent and use the double jump to bring him down safely. You will briefly see the Ghost Painter sitting in a chair. Once he’s gone, you’re now free to collect your prize – the Ashes of War: Rain of Arrows. Many thanks to YouTube user Taysteless, whose excellent video we used to get the screenshots for this guide.

Very early in your exploration of the Elden Ring world, you will discover that you must prepare your character for different tasks. You will have to learn how to use Ashes of War, use two-handed weapons or use magic spells during your adventures. Many secrets also await you, such as a hostile NPC Sellen who does not let you see his shop, an invisible man in a bush or a huge turtle with a bell that allows you to duplicate some very important objects.

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