Elden Ring: Redmane Painting Guide (Rain of Arrows)

To solve the Redmane Painting and obtain the Rain of Arrows Ash of War in Elden Ring, adventurers must complete a tricky jump puzzle in Caelid.

Rain of Arrows is an Ash of War skill in Ring of Elden which Tarnished can acquire by finding the Redmane Painting View near the Minor Erdtree in Dragonburrow, Caelid. Usable on all bows, Rain of Arrows will force dulled archers to turn their bows, aiming for the heavens. After firing, a volley of arrows will rain down in a small radius, dealing continuous damage in Ring of Elden for a short time.

The location of Redmane’s painting is in Sellia, City of Sorcery, east of Aeonia Swamp in central Caelid. To find this painting, enter the town through the south gate and continue down the main road until you reach a rotten tree arching over the path. Look right to find the Redmane Painting on top of a pile of rubble, hidden under a small balcony. However, beware of the invisible Raya Lucarian wizards that roam the streets of Sellia.


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After examining the painting, travel to the Minor Erdtree in Dragonburrow, the northern subregion of Caelid. Tarnished travelers can reach this location by crossing the Farum Greatbridge from the north or by following the highway from Dragonbarrow West. Since both roads are guarded by dragons, adventurers looking to avoid confrontation can head to Lenne’s Rise to the east. Near the tower is a Sprirtspring Jump, where Tarnished can launch off the western cliffs leading to the Minor Erdtree.

How to get Ashes of War: Rain of Arrows

How to Get Ashes of War Rain of Arrows Elden Ring Map Location

A putrid Avatar will keep the base of the minor Erdtree turned hostile if Terni gets too close. Therefore, adventurers are recommended to slay the beast before exploring further or sneaking around by crouching or using the Invisible Form spell. From the south side of the tree, walk to the large pot sitting near the V-shaped ledge. Travelers will notice a thick root protruding from the cliff below. Positioning yourself carefully from the southwest ridge, drop down to the platform below. The player will likely take some damage, but the fall shouldn’t kill Terni, especially those with a high character level.

Then, carefully drop onto the branches and the stone structure below. The player will come across a space where the tower path has been broken. Head up Torrent and jump over that gap, then jump onto the last branch that extends down to the ground. A sleeping Golem will be nearby, but it’s best to ignore it unless it wants a tough fight. Instead, approach the southern ledge to find a ghost that will drop the Ash of War: Rain of Arrows.

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Ring of Elden is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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