Fat Joe calls Joe Rogan a ‘piece of shit’ for using the N-Word

Although a few hip-hop artists have shown their support for Joe Rogan following the controversy over the podcast host saying the N-word, Fat Joe says no bueno.

During his Instagram Live session last Friday (February 10), the Bronx, New York-born rapper shared his thoughts on the controversial podcaster using the N-word and Spotify’s stance not to remove him from their platform. .

“This guy, Joe Rogan, is shit,” he begins. “Joe Rogan is shit.”

Joey Crack went on to explain why he’s not removing his own catalog from Spotify like rockers Graham Nas and Neil Young and R&B singer India.Arie in protest at Rogan’s presence on the streaming service.

“Thank you to everyone who is better than me and pulls their music off Spotify, it’s not,” Fat Joe said. “Because all my people know that Joe will do charity, Joe will open a business in the neighborhood and give jobs, Joe will donate computers to school, but Joe has to go to his bag. Joe is not crazy . I’m not removing my music from Spotify.”

“But, Spotify is made up of black music, whether it’s R&B, whether it’s rap, trap, reggaeton, it all falls into that,” he continued. “Because our music is on this platform and they make their money from black people, do you think a guy should be allowed to say racist bullshit on their platform?”

Although Joe is an advocate for artists’ freedom of expression, whether in music or entertainment, the rap veteran believes Rogan lost that right when he decided to use the N-word on his podcast. .

“I’m talking about freedom of expression. I want artists to be able to say what they want to say on records, it’s just entertainment,” he said. “Me, Jay-Z and Meek Mill signed this paper so they can’t use their lyrics in court, we’re sticking to it because music is just entertainment.”

“But no matter the freedom of expression [Rogan has], [he] should not be allowed [to say the N-word]added the rhyme. “This country has a long history of slavery, has a long history of systematic racism, people are fighting to vote, even now they are trying to suppress the vote. How does this guy live or have fun as a talking person… I don’t even want to repeat what he said. It’s so disrespectful.”

Fat Joe is referring to an old video that surfaced online in which Rogan spits out the N-word multiple times on his podcast, years before he signed a $100 million deal with Spotify. The clip sparked outrage and forced the comedian to issue a statement apologizing for his past use of the racial epithet. Additionally, in response to the backlash, Spotify removed 70 podcast episodes from the platform, although they did not confirm if this was because the N-word was used.

Nevertheless, critics on social media consider Fat Joe to be a hypocrite. Several people posted clips of the veteran rhymer, who is Puerto Rican, giving white people a pass to use the N-word in an old interview with DJ Vlad.

“Fat Joe stands up for white people using the N-word,” one person with a clown emoji tweeted. “Dude handed out N-words to my people left and right… now he has a problem with @joerogan using him?”

Fat Joe once defended himself by using the N-word in a 2019 interview on 92.3’s The Real with DJ Hed and Bootleg Kev. The “Lean Back” rapper argued that “people who want to look at things with racist eyes or a racist view” are the ones who are mad at him using the racial slur.

In 2019, during an episode of Revolt TV’s state of culturefellow rapper and friend from Bronx, NY, Remy Ma, defended Joe using the N-word. “I know his whole family. It didn’t happen when he decided to be a rapper or [an] artist, [like], “Yeah, I’ll use the word nigga because it sounds cool,” she explained. “He’s black. Like, that’s it.”

Watch the full Fat Joe Instagram Live below. Fast forward to the 14 minute mark to hear Joe criticize Joe Rogan for saying the N-word.

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