Flightless Bird Paint Solution (Fire Deadly Sin Incantation)

There are a ton of interesting and powerful incantations that players can unlock in Ring of Elden. Some of them are fairly easy to find or can be purchased from NPCs, while others are hidden in secret areas or locked behind puzzles. One of the best examples of the latter is Fire’s Deadly Sin, a powerful flame-based incantation found through a painting hidden deep within Leyendell, Royal Capital.

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Those who haven’t unlocked the Royal Capital yet will need to spend some time progressing through the game as the area is located on the Altus plateau, which can only be accessed by defeating a Magma Wyrm in the Ruin Strewn Precipice or by assembling the Dectus Medallion to mount the Great Dectus Elevator. Those who have been to Leyendell and want to get their hands on the powerful Fire’s Deadly Sin incantation in Elden Ring can use the following guide to find it.


Find the Flightless Bird Painting

The first step to getting the Fire’s Deadly Sin incantation is to locate the flightless bird painting.. The easiest way to find this painting is to go to the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace in Leyndell and exit through the door to the south. From here players can go down the stairs directly ahead and run down the hallway, turn left at the end of it and jump off the ledge in front of the stone columns. This will place players in front of a large building with a wide stone staircase.

Once inside the building, players should head through the large archway on the far right, then through the door on the left. Running to the end of this room and opening the door to the right will place players in the room with the flightless bird painting. Interacting with the board will give them access to the corresponding “item”.

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Solve the puzzle of painting flightless birds in Elden Ring

Once players have obtained the item, they will want to go to the Windmill Heights Site of Grace in the Dominula, Windmill Village, a teleport guarded by the boss. Those who have not yet reached the Windmill Village should head to the Outer Wall of Grace battlefield site, then continue northwest along the road. There are trebuchets nearby that line the left side of the roadway, and players should make sure to take out enemies controlling them, so they don’t get shot at as they move down the road. Players will be able to spot the windmills they are heading towards in the distance and will know that they are close to the village when they see the watchtower from the highway. Once they get to Dominula, Windmill Village, they need to go through the village to the north to unlock the Grace site of Windmill Heights.

Elden Ring Up Through Windmill Village

It is important to note that the Windmill Village Site of Grace will not unlock until players deal with the boss lurking in the area. Climbing the path and stairs to the top of Dominula, Windmill Village will force players to fight against Apostle Godskin. Those who do not wish to fight with the imposing boss and simply overtake him and go to the location of the deadly fire sin. Those who choose to fight him will be rewarded with his eponymous Twinblade, so it may be worth the effort. It is advised to keep distance when fighting Apostle Godskin as he is capable of dealing tons of damage with his Twinblade. This damage becomes even more severe when he becomes angry at 50% health remaining.

From the Grace site of Windmill Heights, players should head southeast past a large windmill and towards a medium-sized building in the distance. Players will know they’ve come to the right place if they spot three dancing NPCs. Heading to the cliff directly to the left (south) of the NPCs and the building will cause a ghostly apparition to appear. Approaching it will cause it to disappear, and players will be rewarded with the Fire’s Deadly Sin incantation.

What does the mortal sin of fire do?

Elden Ring triggers deadly sin while working

Fire’s Deadly Sin is a powerful incantation that ignites the user, igniting the area around them and dealing damage over time to them and all nearby enemies. It requires 19 Faith to use and costs 28 FP each time a player uses it. While capable of dealing decent damage to surrounding enemies (amplified with the proper weapons and talismans), players take a decent amount of damage every second. For this reason, it is suggested that players take some kind of care with them or have an appropriate amount of Crimson Flasks available before activating the incantation.

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