For high precision painting choose the SATAminijet 4400 B

The SATAminijet® The 4400 B is the perfect compact spray gun, ideal for large repairs and small detail jobs, especially in hard to reach areas.

If you are trying to touch up a small scratch on the edge of a panel or small stone chips in a blending area, the SR Special Nozzle is an ideal option. The size of the fan is flexible, functional and easy to adjust. The SATAminijet 4400 B is an ideal option for blending the edges of a clearcoat or single-step, basecoat mixer, custom fade-out work, anywhere space is limited or difficult for a gun to maneuver full size spray.

The low overspray feature helps prevent product from moving further beyond the desired repair area. This avoids pushing a repair into an adjacent panel, which increases the cost of materials and labor for reverse osmosis. The way this minijet sprays is where it sets itself apart from the competition, it comes with an exceptional variety of nozzle sizes ideal for spraying anything, from high build primers, solvent based base coats or water-based and varnishes.

The fan size and shape with the nozzle size from 1.0 SR to 1.2 SR is also a great choice for UV primer spraying.

With its ergonomically shaped handle, the spray gun is perfectly balanced and fits comfortably in your hand. Additional features include: low noise and smooth feel when spraying, durable pearlescentMT the coating makes it easy to clean and lasts for years in the busiest stores.

Remember to register your new SATA products within 30 days of purchase with your local authorized SATA distributor. To qualify for an additional two-year warranty extension (1+2=3-year warranty), complete the attached card or go to and complete the process online.

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