How to investigate the shrubs on the stone wall (Ayaka Story Quest)


One of the longest questlines in Genshin ImpactAyaka update 2.0 is Ayaka’s story quest “Whispers of the Crane and the White Rabbit”. In this questline, Genshin Impact players are tasked with helping the recently added character, Ayaka, as she performs her duties in the Narukami Island region.

While most of the objectives throughout Ayaka’s history will consist of simple recovery quests, there are a handful of objectives that players can find confusing. This guide will explain how to complete the “Investigate the Shrubs” objective that is encountered halfway through the Ayaka Story Quest.

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After completing the “Food From A Distance” chapter of the Ayaka Story Quest, players will unlock the “Enduring Promise”. To begin the quest, players must head to “the designated area recorded in the notebook”. To find the investigation area, players must head to the southernmost point of Inazuma City. Players will find the objective by sliding down to the beach, where they can access the area under the great Inazuma Castle via a cave. This area can be somewhat difficult to find because at first it may seem like the lens is above the ground, not below.

inazuma city cave

Once players have reached the correct destination, their new objective will be to “Search for suspicious locations based on clues in Ayaka’s notebook”. To find the right location, head southeast of the survey area to find a climbing ledge.

stone wall

After climbing the ledge, the objective should then change to “Investigate the shrubs on the stone wall”. At the top of the ledge, players will find what appears to be a breakable stone wall. Unfortunately, unlike the typical stone walls of Genshin Impact, this wall cannot be broken with a geo-character. To progress in the quest, interact with the wall to be presented with a series of dialogue choices.

To open the wall, players must select the following dialog prompts in order; 1) Hit once, 2) Hit four times, 3) Hit seven times. This solution is obtained from the riddle found in Ayaka’s mother’s notebook which mentions “1 fresh flower, 4 rays of moonlight and calling Tsubaki’s name 7 times”.

dialogue 1

Once players have selected the correct dialogue prompts, a passage will reveal a hidden cave with a mysterious box inside. Interact with the mysterious box and exit the cave for a cutscene to trigger. Once the cutscene is complete, players must now exit the cave to complete the “The Lasting Promise” portion of the Ayaka Story Quest. Once the player has finished speaking with Ayaka outside the cave, they will also unlock the fifth and final section of the Ayaka story quest titled “With You”.

mysterious box

Genshin Impact is available for Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5, with a Switch version in development.

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