Lawson Park stone wall to be restructured over the next six months | Guardian of Mudgee


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The stone wall in Lawson Park between the Church Street entrance and the Holyoake Bridge will undergo restructuring to correct the deterioration. The Mid-Western Regional Council will dismantle and rebuild a section of the wall using existing stone as much as possible. This is an act to preserve the 80 year history of the wall as it was built in 1933 as a working project during the Depression. Mid-Western Regional Council chief executive Brad Cam said the council is working with advice from a local heritage advisor. “The stone wall is a key feature of Lawson Park and the council is completing this work in conjunction with a specialist stonemason to ensure it is standing for generations to come,” said Cam. “There may be short-term disruptions, but it is important to preserve the heritage and character of our region. Councilor Alex Karavas assessed the wall on Wednesday and said it was a good thing it got fixed. “It is extremely dangerous and should be fixed as soon as possible,” Councilor Karavas said. “It’s particularly problematic because it leans towards the trail. “It is important to keep the original wall as much as possible because there is an important story behind it.” The remediation works are due to start next month and pedestrians are urged to follow any detours that may be put in place during the works. Words are etched into a steel sign at the entrance to Lawson Park, describing the background and origins of the wall. “This wall was built with a government grant and volunteer work. The stone was brought from the quarries of Mount Frome by local farmers using their clydesdales and wagons. Part of the restructuring will include the addition of a reinforced concrete footing installed to prevent any further tilt. While this cannot be confirmed during the early stages of the restoration, council said there should be no disruption to traffic during the works, although this may be subject to change.


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