Luxury family home with historic stone wall in the garden built to keep Chartists out


Imagine living in a house where thousands of years of Welsh history can be found in the back garden.

It’s rare, but that’s what this incredible property in Caerleon offers, where the garden contains traces of Romans and Normans and a fascinating slice of history dating back to the Chartist uprising.

Located near the banks of the Usk River, the Mynde has the best of both worlds – the excitement of being right in the heart of Caerleon village on the one hand and the peace and quiet of nature on the other.

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The Mynde was built in the 19th century but was transformed into its current incarnation in the 1930s. As a result, the house has traces of its Art Deco past woven throughout.

It consists of five bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room, four bathrooms and a pool house.

The luxury family home for sale

The five-bedroom house is currently on the market for £ 1.6million

As you enter the house and into the hallway, you are greeted by tiled floors and an imposing wooden staircase leading to the landing and the Art Deco stained glass window.

Upstairs you will find a large bay window overlooking the lawns outside the master bedroom, an ornamental log fire frame with marble fireplace, a walk-in closet and an en-suite bathroom.

Of the remaining bedrooms, two have a Jack and Jill shower room and walk-in closet, while the last two en-suite bedrooms both have fitted wardrobes.

Downstairs you’ll find more ornate fireplaces, patio doors to a period veranda, floor to ceiling windows, and a beautiful Aga stove tucked away in the kitchen.

Due to its location close to the heart of the village, The Mynde is a five-minute walk from many of its most iconic sites.

Located on Castle Lane near the High Street, the house is just around the corner from the Roman Amphitheater, Roman Museum and Roman Barracks.

The property, originally built in the 19th century, was converted to its present form in the 1930s

It includes an outdoor swimming pool, a gym and a sauna

As well as being shrouded in history, Caerleon’s story is also deeply rooted in the house itself.

The property, with its three and a half acres of land, sits inside a historically significant stone wall built in 1839 as protection against the Chartists.

The Chartists were gaining momentum, especially in South Wales, in their movement for every man to have the right to vote.

In March 1839, Chartists descended from the Gwent Valleys to Newport to support the cause, resulting in the infamous standoff between the Marchers and the British Army outside the Westgate Hotel which left at least 22 dead.

The property has 3.5 acres of land

It also has Art Deco elements and an Aga in the kitchen

That same year, John Jenkins, who lived in The Mynde (or “Castle Villa” as it was then called) built an elaborate stone wall around the property and grounds.

A magistrate by trade, Jenkins may have felt vulnerable during the rise of the Chartist movement due to his relatively powerful position in the community.

Taking materials from local ruins, mostly Roman and medieval, Jenkins built his wall.

The property sits in a historically significant stone wall built in 1839 as protection against the Chartists

John Jenkins, who lived at The Mynde, built the wall using materials from local ruins

There is also evidence of Roman and Norman activity in the grounds

The mound within the grounds of the property dates back even further, dating back to the Iron Age. According to real estate agent Savills, there is also evidence of Roman activity and, more recently, use as a Norman clod.

Today the garden houses an outdoor swimming pool, a pond, a children’s play area, an enclosed garden, a courtyard and a fountain.

So if you want to live in a property steeped in history, The Mynde could be exactly what you are looking for.

The property is for sale via Savills in Cardiff with an asking price of £ 1.6million.

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