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At first glance, the artistic sculptures on display outside the house may lead the passer-by to believe that it is the home of a “science worker”.

But the only “magic” that Sean Hamilton does is with art.

He said people have stopped to ask him whether or not he is an obeah man, and he takes this time to educate them on his art and the inspiration behind it.

“Even when people think about art badly and have a bad idea, I see it as a great opportunity. It makes my day all the time to teach them the right thing, ”said Hamilton, who has been creating his pieces for over 10 years.

Planters Hall, a resident of St Catherine, said he fell in love with art when he attended Old Harbor High School, and although he had abandoned it to pursue another career, there had a burn in him to return to his first love.

He says he takes inspiration from great artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Pablo Picasso, as well as musicians such as Bob Marley and Chronixx.

“I have pieces here that were built from 2013 onwards. When you look at the stones, they will look like something that is chiseled. But no, it’s erosion. Because the pieces have to fit together perfectly, it sometimes takes me four or five days in the mountains to find the perfect piece. What I love is the physics behind it all, because when I put these arts together, no rain or storm crushes them. It’s rock solid, “he said. Hamilton said it took two years to complete his favorite piece.

He said he had given up everything he had to be in the right mental space to undertake his work.

“When I was going to build these works of art, I had to give up everything. I was a very busy man. I had my business and had a lot of daughters. I gave up everything and surrounded myself with nature, because I am inspired by it. The people at Nuff don’t take my job seriously, but I do take myself seriously, ”he said.

He said distancing himself from distractions, including cell phones, has brought him to a mental level that many will never reach.

Many artists weren’t recognized for their work until after their deaths, and Hamilton said it could happen to him.

But he said he was happy his work spanned millions of years and others could learn from it.

“Some of my works are abstract, others are practical. I can make art out of anything. The way that you are going to become famous as an artist is when you can go deep inside yourself and come out with something that will impress people. Like the way you see my rocks and seh, ‘ wow, I’ve never seen this before, ”he said.

The artist, who now supports himself by selling fruit in Old Harbor, said he was not yet ready to sell his art.

He said that for him, it wasn’t about making money, but rather showing his creative side to the world.

“It’s like an open-air gallery. People can still walk by and admire what I’m doing, and that’s what’s most important now, ”he said.

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