No, Pfizer does NOT have any part of Neil Young’s publishing catalog

Conspiracy theorists are always writhing to prove their wild claims. A few of them thought they had found a gun when it came to Neil Young’s fight against Spotify that was sparked by Joe Rogan’s COVID misinformation and lies. Ready? It is good.

The conspirators claim a link between Neil, his music and vaccine maker Pfizer. Ergo, the reason Neil spoke out against Joe Rogan and his anti-vaccine stance is because he’s in the pocket of Big Pharma. He does their bidding when it comes to promoting Pfizer vaccines because the company owns a piece of his music.

Uh no. But you can see why a crackpot conspirator would pounce on this.

The truth is that a former CEO of Pfizer now has a position as a senior adviser for Blackstone, an asset management company. He currently has a partnership with Hipgnosis, the company that bought 50% of Neil Young’s publishing catalog.

Neil must have made it all clear in a (now deleted) letter titled “People, Let’s Clear It Up”. It was transcribed by Stereogum.

The letter that prompted me to take action on Spotify was written by 270 medical professionals, not doctors. I wrongly said they were doctors after reading misinformation on the internet. About a third of them were doctors. But many of the others were nurses and hospital assistants. I respect and honor all of these people and the work they continue to do as I write this.

I read their entire letter.

I always support them. My mistake was to call them all doctors. I have read and generally believe that the Guardian and The Guardian made a rare mistake:

The Guardian: “Public Health Threat: 270 Doctors Slam Spotify On Joe Rogan Podcast” and Rolling Stone: “Public Health Threat: Doctors Demand Spotify End Covid Lies On Joe Rogan Experience”

So I too was misinformed!
Glad it wasn’t a life or death decision for me.

I always stand with the medical professionals and others who have signed this excellent letter. I am with them, by their side.

Also fyi-

To further clarify misleading misinformation online that is used to make remarks against me in some of the letters included here:

Hipgnosis’ publishing share of my copyright is in the Hipgnosis Songs Fund, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Blackstone’s investment went into a separate private Hipgnosis fund and none of that money was used for the Hipgnosis Songs fund. Pfizer didn’t invest in Hipgnosis but a former Pfizer CEO is a senior advisor to Blackstone…

Too bad for big Pharma!
So much for PHARM help!
Clever but wrong.
Be well,
love the earth,
New York

Hope that clears things up, anti-vaccine.

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