Northport Police Blotter: Drunk man breaks stone wall


NORTHPORT, NY – Check out some recent arrests and incidents in the Northport Village area, December 16-22.

The Northport Police Department has released the following information. All charges are accusations and do not imply guilt.


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  • James Monahan, 66, of Northport, was driving a black 2017 Jaguar around the corner of Nautilus Avenue and Ocean Avenue at midnight on December 17 when he crashed into a stone retaining wall and drove away, police told a witness to an officer. Monahan’s breath smelled strongly of alcohol, his eyes were glassy and bloodshot, his speech was difficult, he was very unstable on his feet, and he performed poorly on several field sobriety tests, the police said. police. Monahan was arrested and charged with DWI, DWI: LAC reading and being taken out of an incident on December 17.
  • Paul Hanzel, 49, of Ronkonkoma, has been fined for disorderly driving on Fort Salonga Road, police said. He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, dangerous condition or physical aggression on December 21.


  • A woman was driving on Laurel Avenue when she saw a “little red car” following her and pulling over when she stopped. She told police she wasn’t sure why someone would follow her, although she had an unfriendly break-up in a relationship some time ago. She said similar things have happened in areas outside of Northport’s jurisdiction. The woman was told to call 911 immediately if this happened again and not to stop except in a public place. She was also asked to report past events in other jurisdictions and to record license plate numbers of offending cars if given the opportunity. The incident was reported at 8:12 a.m. on December 17.
  • A man approached the front door of a house in Woodhull Place, but left when video showed he may have read the last name on the doors. He took out his phone as he walked away. It looked like he had mistakenly taken the wrong house and was supposed to be next door. The resident said college kids next door often have people at home. The incident happened on December 18.
  • A resident and an employee of the village clashed on Logan Hill Road. The resident said an unknown village employee who was driving the sanding truck yelled at him and called him an “idiot”. The resident said the argument was because he was blocking the road with a delivery truck and the village worker wanted him to move the truck. No crime was reported. The incident happened on December 18.
  • Roommates fought on Catherine Street. Northport Police awaited the arrival of Suffolk Police. The incident happened on December 19.
  • A woman went to police headquarters to report a possible phone scam. She received a phone call from the Geek Squad, with which the woman said she had an account. She said a man named Jack Watson from Geek Squad called her, telling her he wanted her to go to Macy’s, then called him back for further instructions. The woman has not lost any money. The incident happened on December 19.
  • A dog got stuck between the bars of a wrought iron railing on Nautilus Avenue. An officer was able to free the dog without injuring it or damaging the railing. The incident happened on December 19.
  • Police responded to Valley Avenue on reports of a suspicious vehicle, but it was just two parents registering their children for a school project on December 20.
  • Police responded to Village Dock in Constitution Square after reporting the discovery of a gun. The officer spoke with the finder, who said his son was magnet fishing and found the gun in the harbor. The pistol turned out to be a 32ACP Savage 1907, with a serial number that was defaced and / or damaged. Partial Ejustice did not yield any results. The incident happened on December 22.

Find out what’s happening in Northport with free real-time Patch updates.

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