One Piece Ace Manga Spinoff Revealed With First Details

the A piece the saga expands with another spin-off, this time focusing on one of the series’ most popular characters, Luffy’s brother Ace.

Among the gigantic cast of A piece, Portgas D. Ace is by far one of the characters that leaves the biggest impression on fans. Mainly because he’s just a character that’s easy to get attached to. First, the fact that he is Luffy’s sworn brother and the relationship between the two is just endearing. Then how Ace has cool and powerful fire powers, something pretty simple as far as A piece, usually full of marginal abilities. And now we’re going to see more of Ace via a new manga spin-off.

One Piece Odyssey | Trailer

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One Piece Odyssey | Trailer





Everything We Know About One Piece Episode A, New Ace Spinoff Manga

First of all, it will be a manga adaptation of an already existing spin-off. One Piece Episode A was first published in novel form, in the One Piece magazine books which began publication in 2017.

Additionally, the novel, and thus the manga, focuses on introducing fans to a new side to Ace, not shown in prior material, including Eiichiro Oda’s original manga. The story notably focuses on how Ace formed the Spade Pirates with Masked Deuce and his first encounter with Whitebeard.

In 2020, the Episode A novel has already gotten a very short manga adaptation of only four chapters by Sun Ken Rock and Dr Stoneit’s Boichi. In view of the announcement of A piece Twitter account, this new manga will be a longer adaptation of the novels.

the original One Piece Episode A novel was supervised by Eiichiro Oda and written by Shou Hinata who also wrote novels for narutoand Tatsuya Hamazaki who wrote novels for Saint Seiya, .Hack, Steins;Gateand many of A piece movies.

When will the new manga be released?

According to the announcement of the official A piece Twitter, the first chapter of A piece The Ace manga spin-off will be released in August 2022. More details will be revealed via the One Piece Magazine Twitter at a later date.

A piece is going through many expansions and projects these days. Firstly, there is a Netflix live action series in production which will cover the early parts of the series like the Nami and Arlong arc. Then you have One Piece Odysseya brand new JRPG coming to consoles later in 2022. Finally, there’s a brand new movie, One Piece Movie Red, launching this August 6 in Japan. What are your expectations for this new Ace manga? Let me know in the comments below!

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