One Piece: Devil Fruit vs. Haki

Among the many sources of power that exist within the A piece world, Haki and Devil Fruits are known to be two of the greatest. Devil Fruits was introduced to fans quite early in the series, with Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi debuting in the very first chapter of the story. These mystical fruits have since been explored a lot and currently Devil Fruit users are incredibly common in the series.

At the same time, Eiichiro Oda introduced another power system in the story, which he deepened in story time, called Haki. This power is considered essential for anyone hoping to conquer the New World and has therefore become increasingly important. While Haki and Devil Fruits are amazing in their own way, there are strengths and limitations to both.


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Luffy and the Devil Fruit in One Piece

Devil Fruits are an incredible source of power and when consumed, they grant one of three main types of power to the user. A Zoan-type Devil Fruit allows the user to transform into an animal or a hybrid of human and animal at will. Logia, considered the most powerful class of all Devil Fruits, allows the user to create, manipulate, and become an element or force of nature itself. The ability to produce something, along with all the other miscellaneous powers, are part of the Paramecia class.

Obviously, Devil Fruits offer great benefits, depending on the power achieved. For example, the Gura Gura no Mi allows the user to produce earthquakes that can destroy the entire world, which just goes to show that this is an overpowered ability. Just like the Gura Gura no Mi, there are many overpowered fruits with powers that can cause even the most powerful Haki users big problems.

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On the other hand, Devil Fruit users also have two glaring weaknesses – sea and sea stone. When a significant part of a Devil Fruit user’s body is submerged in water, they cannot use his Devil Fruit ability at all and is simply too weak to move. Sea Stone, which is a mineral native to Wano, is also a pretty big weakness because it emits the same wavelength as the ocean, which means any devil fruit power doesn’t stand a chance against it. .

One Piece - Big Mom Charlotte Linlin Busoshoku Haki

Compared to Devil Fruits, Haki is a completely different power system as it exists in everyone in the A piece world. It is a spiritual power that only a few people manage to tap into. Once awakened, however, Haki is very useful as it allows the user to manifest their spiritual power in multiple ways. Usually, Haki can be divided into two types – Observation Color Haki and Weapon Color Haki.

Color Observation Haki grants a user a sixth sense and allows them to see things such as movement quite easily. It also makes it possible to feel emotions, sense danger, or even gauge power levels quite easily. Observation Haki is an incredibly useful power in combat. In comparison, Color Armament Haki allows the user to manifest their spirit in the form of invisible armor and use it to attack and defend themselves. The biggest advantage of Color Armament Haki is that it allows the user to bypass any Devil Fruit protection, allowing the user to come into contact with and damage their real body.

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When hit with Haki, even a rubber man like Luffy feels pain with blunt attacks, which supposedly shouldn’t work on him. At the same time, the Logia are also vulnerable to his power. A third type of Haki called the Supreme King’s Color, or Conqueror’s Haki, allows the super to impose their will on others and overpower those with weaker wills. This power, however, is only present in one in a million people, which means that not everyone will have it.

One Piece - Luffy and Enel

The other two types of Haki, on the other hand, also have their own weaknesses. In battle, Observation Haki can be easily bypassed with sufficient speed, as seen when Luffy was able to outrun Boa Sandersonia’s moves, or even Enel, despite using Observation Haki. Likewise, while Armament Haki offers excellent defense, it can be broken through and overpowered with sheer force itself. When Luffy fought Marigold, even his advanced use of Armament Haki, called Ryuo, wasn’t enough to guard against Luffy’s incredible strength. Katakuri, whose Haki was far superior to Luffy’s, was unable to withstand the sheer force of Gear Fourth, despite using weaker Haki. It is unconfirmed whether the Sea Stone affects the ability to use Haki or not, however, Luffy could not use his Haki in Udon Prison despite wearing weakened Sea Stone handcuffs.

Luffy Advanced Ryo

Devil Fruits and Haki are incredible sources of energy in the A piece world and they are both capable of taking someone to the top. People like Shanks and even Gol D. Roger have achieved tremendous strength without even having devil fruit power at their disposal. This very clearly implies that devil fruits are not necessary to be among the strongest. At the same time, however, people like Blackbeard have reached the pinnacle of strength primarily using Devil Fruits. Whitebeard’s Devil Fruit was believed to be powerful enough to be able to destroy the entire world, something ancient weapons are generally known to be capable of. This puts into perspective the great power that these fruits also hold.

Essentially, you can’t go wrong with either of the two powers in A piece. However, with Devil Fruits, there are weaknesses that people simply cannot control, such as the sea, which do not affect Haki users. Devil Fruits would also require one to be lucky to achieve great power. Achieving a rather disappointing power is just as possible. In the case of Haki, however, this is not possible as the ability grows stronger as the user trains and gets into dangerous situations that make the most of their abilities. However, Haki wears out the more the user gets tired and it is an ability that weakens during a fight. While some Devil Fruits are affected by this phenomenon, most have no effect on stamina.

Simply put, Devil Fruits are high-risk rewards, meaning one can achieve massive power without even lifting a finger and become instantly strong using them. Haki, on the other hand, is a more stable ability and requires a lot of practice to master. There is no better power between the two, however, depending on what the user prefers in battle, one can definitely be preferred over the other.

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