Parvati Paraste Tribal Paintings Exhibition will start from today

The tribes live with their tradition and define it in their creativity and all paintings have distinctive characteristics. Gond depicts the scenes, birds, animals and human faces in dark, vibrant colors. These traditions will be exhibited at the Madhya Pradesh State Tribal Museum.

The exhibition ‘Shalaka 22’ by young painter Parvati Paraste from the Gond community will start from Thursday at the ‘Likhandra Gallery’ of the Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum. This painting exhibition will continue until February 28. The paintings on display will also be available for sale, which can be purchased from the painter.

Parvati Paraste is a young painter from the Gond community and is currently engaged in painting while living in Bhopal. Along with this, he is also trying to etch his paintings in new mediums. Born in 1985 in the village of Bhusanda in Dindori, a Gond-dominated region of Madhya Pradesh, Parvati Paraste is a young painter from the Gond community. Parvati’s childhood was spent in the village and while staying in the village she received an education up to 12th standard. The stories he heard from his mother and older sisters also began to sink into his mind. Then Parvati also helped the mother with the sisters, gradually her interest in painting also began to increase.

The paints have a brown or black base. Gond’s paintings can be described as “line work”. The artist makes sure to draw the interior and exterior lines as carefully as possible so that the perfection of the lines has an immediate effect on the viewer.

The paintings use bright colors like orange, yellow, blue and red, and are created with articulated lines and dots as a method to bring it to life. Natural colors obtained from various sources like flowers, stones, etc. are used for the creation of these beautiful paintings. Over the years, Gond artists have developed their own devices for working with various contemporary mediums and materials.

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