Rasputin’s Return Could Be The Last Dark Vanguard Piece In Destiny 2

The Warmind Rasputin is one of the most powerful intelligences in the world. destiny universe. Before Destiny 2, he was responsible for the overall protection of humanity and capable of defending himself against almost any threat to the species. While the AI’s strength was tested time and time again, in the end its power to fight the Darkness was rendered nil and humanity has since been left to fend for themselves. While the Guardians are still on hand to keep the Last City safe, that doesn’t change the fact that Rasputin had become a valuable asset to the Vanguard in Destiny 2, and many fans had come to appreciate the Warmind.


However, Destiny 2 is no stranger to icing fan favorites, and demonstrated as much by killing Cayde-6 in the Forsaken expansion. This made Rasputin’s near-annihilation at the hands of darkness during the season of arrivals one of the most stressful times in Destiny 2‘s story. Even though Rasputin didn’t suffer the same fate as the previous Hunter Vanguard, his fate is questionable after the arrival of the Dark pyramid ships, and fans are wondering what the future holds for the Russian Warmind.

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Rasputin’s future in Destiny 2


Recently, some players have raised the possibility that Rasputin could return as the Guardian by implanting his intelligence into an artificial body. This road is the one that was intended for Rasputin in the tradition of Destiny 2past, one that was eventually taken by Felwinter, an iron lord and underling of Rasputin. While Felwinter’s fate is grim, its history shows that the possibility of Rasputin being transferred into an Exo body exists. It could mean the rebirth of Rasputin and his return to the limelight in Destiny 2the future.

Before season of arrivals, this may have been hard to imagine, but the most recent expansion, Destiny 2: beyond the light, added Europa and the Deep Stone Crypt raid to the game. technology and research on Europa is directly linked to their creation by Clovis Bray. Although none of the Year 4 seasons of Destiny 2 have explored this opportunity, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

Some key locations for Destiny 2 will be back in Year 5 of the game when The Witch Queen expansion is released. Views of Mars and mention of the planet itself have featured in promotional material for the expansion, creating the possibility of its return alongside the arrival of Savathun’s Throne World in February. This could lead to scavenging missions for more of Warmind’s intelligence and working to repair the fragmented AI that Ana Bray has safely hidden in an engram in future seasons.

Combined with his connection to Clovis Bray, whose consciousness still resides on Europa, in addition to all of the previous material that points to Rasputin being capable of becoming an Exo, players could see the resurrected Warmind very soon.

Still, it’s important to understand that Rasputin probably wouldn’t be as strong as he once was. While the Warmind had access to a plethora of satellites before being rescued by Ana Bray, the toll the Darkness has taken on his systems could completely change the kind of character he is. This could open the doors to even more opportunities. In a physical Exo body, Rasputin would have more freedom to interact with other characters, and if resurrected with the Light, he would also become a Guardian who would play a major role in Destiny 2plans for 2022.

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The Dark Vanguard

The Exo Stranger, Elsi Bray and her strange Ghost accompanied by the Drifter and Eris Morn in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Given his past expertise and the possibility that he could reupload his consciousness after his resurrection, Rasputin could become one of the Vanguard’s most valuable assets. This path would also make Rasputin an excellent candidate for the position of Hunter Vanguard. The position previously belonged to Exo Cayde-6, but has stood empty since being killed in Abandoned.

With a lot of Abandoned being part of all the content that will be vaulted when The Witch Queen is released, it’s clear that Destiny 2 away from the character. While Cayde has had an impact on players and Destiny 2 characters, it’s the right step, and it’s time someone else had the opportunity to take their place. In the past, fans have speculated that Crow, the resurrected Guardian who was once Uldren Sov, would take over as Hunter Vanguard.

Although it was a touchy subject considering that Uldren Sov had killed Cayde-6, it seemed to fit. Following the mentorship Crow received from Osiris, this idea has become even more ingrained in the minds of many players. However, the revelation that Osiris was Savathun in disguise since Ghost’s death caused Crow to question his motives and purpose once again.

This could lead Crow down a dark path directly towards Savathun, but it could also push the Guardian in a different direction. fans of Destiny 2 dubbed some key game characters The Dark Vanguard, a group that Crow may eventually join. In the past, the roster has included Eris Morn, the Drifter, and Elsie Bray (also known as Exo Stranger) filling the role of each class, but some aspects could change that composition.

Even though Eris Morn has knowledge and expertise that some disapprove of, she is also a key member of Ikora Rey’s Hidden and became Lightless. The Crow, however, could break away from the traditional avant-garde and get closer to characters like the Drifter and the Exo Stranger, like Destiny 2The story continues to unfold. This would likely put him out of contention for the Hunter Vanguard position, leaving him open to another suitable option like Rasputin, while helping the Dark Vanguard have a similar balance to their traditional counterpart.

Crow could fill the Hunter position, as the Drifter who was once part of the Pilgrim Guard’s Titan order fulfills the corresponding class, and Elsie Bray could be the Dark Vanguard’s Warlock counterpart. While Elsie’s powers haven’t been fully revealed, and the Drifter is as mysterious as it gets, such a lineup would bring balance to both the dark and public aspects of the Lightbearers in the city. It would also pave the way for Rasputin to return to the game while playing on the more questionable aspects of Destiny 2the history of Light and Dark as Final form approaches.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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