Renew garage floors and driveways with paint by Creative Concrete Coatings

Specialists in decorative concrete floors – 100 combinations of colors and textures

When concrete driveways and garage floors are worn out, many people feel helpless to do anything. Excavating old concrete is expensive and time-consuming. Creative Concrete Coatings is the concrete expert, with multiple solutions to rejuvenate and beautify new and existing concrete surfaces.

Concrete is one of the most durable materials, but it is also a porous substance. This means it absorbs moisture and is prone to staining and fading when spilled liquids soak into the surface. The solution is a specialist paint or epoxy coating to seal the surface and revitalize the appearance.

Brisbane driveway paint is a quick and easy way to seal concrete with a decorative coating. Painting the driveway actually adds value to the property and provides curb appeal. Creative Concrete Coatings will prepare the driveway by repairing cracks and other types of damage to provide a smooth surface on which to apply the paint. Specialty paint comes in many colors and makes driveways easier to maintain and keep clean.

Creative Concrete Coatings also supplies Brisbane Garage Floor Paint. Garage floors can sustain a lot of damage from simple wear and tear and a variety of hobby and home projects. Garage floor paint seals the pores of concrete and protects it from damage from spills, stains and discoloration. It’s much easier to keep it clean and dust-free. A lighter colored paint can be selected to improve garage lighting and provide a professional appearance.

Epoxy flooring Brisbane is another option. The coating can withstand hot weather conditions and additives can be incorporated to provide a safe, non-slip surface. Easy to maintain and clean, it is able to withstand heavy abuse from sources ranging from fluid leaks, chemical spills and accidents, and even dropped tools. Epoxy can be applied in several solid colors, abstract patterns, and finishes that mimic the look of natural stone, as well as a pebbled or speckled look.

Paint and epoxy coatings from Creative Concrete Coatings are also applicable for homes, commercial businesses and warehouses. Epoxy and paint are good choices for cleanliness, beauty and in low light areas due to their reflectivity.

About Creative Concrete Coatings

Creative Concrete Coatings specializes in concrete resurfacing and decorative concrete with hundreds of decorative pattern combinations to choose from. The company offers services for residential and commercial customers, as well as free, no-obligation quotes. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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