Ronnie Wood Unveils ‘Picasso Stones’ Painting, ‘Abstract Performance’

Ronnie Wood has today (1) unveiled its new table of rolling stonesinspired by Picasso abstract performance. The songwriter, artist and guitarist revealed the new performance of his fellow band members with a surprise visit, appropriately, to Wood Lane, outside the Westfield shopping destination in west London. The mysterious painting appeared on a notice board in Westfield earlier this week.

Limited edition prints of abstract performance are on sale starting today, and fans and collectors of Wood’s work have just two weeks to buy them, until February 14, at They are priced at £1500 and will ship the week of February 28.

The painting, completed in 2020, is the last in Wood’s series of works inspired by the abstract paintings of Pablo Picasso: in this case, the 1925s The three dancerswith Wood exploring the vanity of portraying himself and his fellow Stones as the dancers.

“I call him Picasso’s Stones“, said” Woody “of abstract performance. “This is my interpretation of Picasso’s painting The three dancers. Watching the original, I was inspired to do my own take. I had a lot of fun doing it. Picasso made his own take on a lot of artists, but I bet he never thought anyone ever would. I hope and think he would be flattered, but also a bit shocked and pleasantly surprised at my view of his work.

For the first time among Wood’s art, the size of the painting edition will be dictated solely by the quantity sold within the limited sale time. Each print will be individually hand-signed, numbered and personalized by Wood, who will add a personal dedication to each collector.

Wood’s work as an artist is widely collected and exhibited around the world. In November two more prints were added to the Ronnie Wood Collectors Series, Satisfaction III and A stray cat.

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