The 8 Best Paints for Glass Painting

Give your dishes and glasses a professional decorative finish with this set of microwave and dishwasher safe glass paints. Vitrea 160’s formula is water-based — but also water-basedevidence – and it’s designed to mimic the look of stained glass (although the type of paint isn’t noted). The set includes 10 colors and the paint hardens to a glossy finish after being baked for 40 minutes in a conventional oven at 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Results are permanent, even after exposure to dishwasher, microwave and UV light, making it the best paint for glassware that you actually plan to use. According to the brand’s website, the paints are not food safe and should only be applied to surfaces that will not come into direct contact with food, drink or your mouth.

With these considerations in mind, several Amazon reviewers have reported great results when using this paint on items such as glass mugs, plates, and bowls, and you can apply it too on other surfaces including porcelain, ceramic, metal and earthenware.

Pébéo paint sets also come in gloss and frosted finishes, and you can also opt for plain tubes in a wide variety of shades.

One critic raved: “The absolute BEST thing about this glass paint and the main reason I’m writing this review and giving it 5 stars: I use my own painted wine glass at least once a week and it goes straight to the dishwasher safe. I’ve had it for about 2 years now, and it still looks PERFECT. The longevity of this paint when properly dried (follow the directions on the bottle) is just amazing.

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