The Strongest One Piece Characters Who Still Can’t Beat Naruto

For nearly two decades, naruto was one of the most successful anime and manga franchises in the world, and it’s still quite popular. Naruto is the main character in his story, and he’s the definition of an anime guy who never needs rescuing. He started out as a knucklehead with minimal skill, but by the end of the series he became one of the strongest ninjas in history.

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A play probably more successful than naruto, and it mainly focuses on hackers. A large number of A play’s characters possess some type of Haki or Devil Fruit power, and these abilities make some characters very powerful. Some characters are strong enough to take on Naruto, but there are others who still can’t defeat him.

ten Jinbe may be strong but a massive Rasengan would still knock him down

Jinbei watches Hoddy Jones

Jinbe is a former sea warlord and he is currently the helmsman of the Straw Hats. Each member of the crew has incredibly high stamina, but Jinbe’s is especially high. He is able to use Observation Haki, but is much more proficient with Armament Haki.

Jinbe may be tough, but his body has never faced the crushing power of the Rasengan. This jutsu burrows into its target’s body, causing massive internal damage. Jinbe can probably withstand a regular Rasengan, but Naruto’s Massive Rasengan is an entirely different story.

9 Naruto’s shadow clones counter Katakuri’s Advanced Observation Haki

Katakuri vs. Luffy

Many A play the bad guys aren’t really that bad, including Charlotte Katakuri, who ate a devil fruit that gives her full control over the mochi. His Armament Haki is quite strong, and his Observation Haki allows him to see slightly into the future.

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Naruto can produce dozens of shadow clones at once, and he uses them to overwhelm and distract his opponents. If he can use these clones to defeat individuals with the Byakugan, Sharingan, and Rinnegan, then he should be able to overcome Katakuri’s future vision as well.

8 If Naruto Can Handle Pain’s Giant Beasts, He Can Handle Jack’s Transformation

Naruto’s conversation with Nagato is just one of the instances where he acted like an adult, but that conversation only happened because he defeated Nagato’s Six Paths of Pain. The Animal Way allowed Pain to summon various oversized creatures.

Jack the Drought is one of Kaido’s All-Stars, and he ate a Devil Fruit that allows him to turn into a mammoth. In Sage Mode, Naruto easily overpowered Pain’s creatures, and they were all significantly larger and more dangerous than Jack in his mammoth form.

7 Shiryu’s Devil Fruit would be ineffective against Naruto’s Sage Mode

Pain was undoubtedly one of the Naruto’the smartest villains, but even he couldn’t overcome the future Hokage’s Sage Mode. This mode enhances all of Naruto’s physical abilities and allows him to sense attacks without seeing them.

Shiryu obtained the Clair-Clair Fruit, which allows him to make himself invisible. He can also make objects with which he is in contact invisible. Shiryu is one of Blackbeard’s Titanic captains, and he is a master swordsman. If he attempts to attack Naruto, however, his attacks will likely be stopped before they can even land.

6 Naruto can easily destroy Aokiji’s ice

As a former Admiral, Aokiji is one of the strongest characters in A play, and he possesses a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows him to create, control, and transform into ice. If Naruto were to get too close to him, chances are his entire body would be trapped in ice.

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Fortunately, Naruto can break through Aokiji’s ice with his Rasengan and Rasenshuriken. If frozen, he can use Kurama’s chakra to free himself. Under normal circumstances, Aokiji’s body would be immune to physical attacks, but a Tailed Beast Bomb would destroy every inch of the former Admiral’s ice body.

5 If Pica’s Stone Powers Couldn’t Stop Zoro, They Can’t Stop Naruto Either

Pica was one of the best officers in Doflamingo, and he could coat his entire body in Armament Haki. He ate the Stone-Stone Fruit, which grants him the ability to manipulate and merge with stone. With this ability, he can use the terrain’s geography to create a colossal stone golem.

Zoro was able to cut through that Golem, okay that took a lot of strength, but he was still able to do it. Naruto’s Rasenshurken can destroy stone, and a single Tail Bomb would vaporize Pica and his entire golem in an instant.

4 Garp Can’t Handle Naruto’s Tailed Beast Mode

When he was younger, Garp was considered to be on par with Roger and Whitebeard in terms of strength. Luffy’s grandfather is now in his late 70s, but he’s still one of the strongest Marines in the series, and he’s extremely proficient with Armament Haki.

In normal melee combat, Garp might be able to damage Naruto, but Naruto can enter Tailed Beast Mode. In this form, Naruto’s body is encased in a life-size replica of Kurama. Even Garp cannot withstand the physical power of this form for very long.

3 Naruto can evade Sanji’s kicks with Sage Mode

Sanji on Whole Cake Island

A play fans have seen a number of sad goodbyes over the years, and Sanji has been a part of many of them. He doesn’t possess a Devil Fruit, but his Armament Haki is particularly strong, and during the Wano Arc he unlocked his family’s genetic enhancements.

All of Sanji’s physical attributes have grown in power, but his signature kicks won’t be enough to beat someone like Naruto. If he were to enter Sage Mode, Naruto can sense the kicks coming and act accordingly. It also helps that Naruto is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant.

2 Even with Haki, Zoro’s swords may not be able to hurt Naruto

Zoro brandishing his swords

Zoro is well on his way to becoming A playthe greatest swordsman in the series, but many fans already consider him one of the best characters in the series. He wields three swords of exceptional quality and can use all forms of Haki.

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He can now use an advanced form of Conqueror’s Haki to give his swords great power, but even this ability can’t beat Naruto. Sage Mode would make it very difficult to land a sword swing, and it’s hard to believe Zoro would be able to get through Naruto’s Tailed Beast Mode.

1 Kaido’s body may be durable, but even he can’t survive a fully charged Tail Bomb

Kaido is an emperor, which means he is one of the most powerful pirate captains in history. He possesses all three forms of Haki, and his advanced Conqueror Haki increases his superhuman strength and durability to insane levels.

He ate a mythical Zoan Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into a massive Azure Dragon, and he can also take on a dragon-human hybrid form. Very few people have been able to hurt Kaido, but even his body cannot withstand the destructive power of a Tail Bomb.

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