Cy Twombly | Barry X Ball: A History of Painting and Sculpture

Cy Twombly (1928 -2011) and Barry X Ball (b. 1955) are both American artists whose work has been deeply rooted in and inspired by the past, particularly by the rich cultural heritage and art history of Italy. Much of their work derives, for example, not only from Classical, Renaissance and Baroque inspirations, but also from the art of pioneering artists of the early 20th century Italian avant-garde, such as Medardo Rosso and the Italian Futurists.

The featured artwork presents key examples of these artists’ unique approach to painting and sculpture with the common goal of reinventing the work of the masters into reverting new works of art. Twombly’s approach uses painterly and poetic gestural movements to represent historical moments. While Barry X Ball uses state-of-the-art technology to refine and “perfect” the sculpts in his own version based on masterpieces; notably in his project Medardo Rosso, which presented the dialogue between two artists from different cultures, eras and traditions.

This very first pairing of the work of the two artists will be presented at Mignoni du March, 31stJune 25, 2022.

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