Painting the Perfect Place to Live Artist Adds Color and Flavor to Fort Myers Beach Home

The mermaid statue by the pool inspired the mural painted by the artist.  The Fort Myers Beach house overlooks Estero Bay and a canal.
A giant mermaid mural has been painted on the wall that separates the pool and veranda from the courtyard below.  The owner says many boaters stop their vessels to watch the siren and take pictures.

It all started with a mermaid statue used as a water feature next to the pool. Artist Tina Marie Fleury, owner of Decor and After, took this theme and expanded it by painting a mermaid scene on the walls of the poolside bathroom. Next, she created a nine-foot mermaid mural on a large wall between the pool and the bay. The artist continued her work in the master bedroom where she painted a wall behind the bed to look like glitter wallpaper. She did a similar design in the half bathroom where all the walls look like wallpaper, but are really hand painted.

Sharon and Joe Janicke love their Fort Myers beach house and all the special design elements it encompasses.

“We have six grandchildren and I wanted a pool swim mermaid,” Sharon Janicke shared.

That’s how it all started. Janicke then asked the artist to continue her wall and mural designs.

“She’s so talented,” Janicke said.

Janicke believes this adds to the home’s value and appeal. She points out other houses that don’t have an interesting flavor and says she wanted her home to have those special elements.

Fleury doesn’t have an art degree, but learned by taking classes with local artists. She started her business in Southwest Florida in 2001.

“Wallpaper and fabrics, textures, color combinations; those are the things that inspire me,” she explained. “My brain is thirsty. I’ve been doing the same thing for so long, I want to do more.

For the master bedroom and the bathroom, Fleury says he was inspired by the stone wall of the large room behind the television and the linear fireplace.

“The wall gave me the idea to do the finish horizontally instead of vertically,” she explained.

She focused on the colors of the kitchen cabinets and countertops.

The four bedroom, seven full bath and two half bath home has many other unique attractions. The kitchen backsplash is made up of translucent stones that are backlit with LED lights, making it shine.

“The pool,” Janicke said when asked about some of her favorite things. “I love it. It’s like an aquarium. We brought in a man from Chicago and he makes aquariums and he bent the glass.

When people are in the infinity pool and go underwater, they can watch the water fall over the edge and see Estero Bay and boats through the glass.

Janicke said her husband loves what he calls the martini deck, a porch perched above the veranda at the top of a spiral staircase. But her husband has other better choices.

“My favorite part is probably the view,” said Joe Janicke. “And I like the glass in the pool.”

The couple had an old ranch house on the property that they had torn down to build their new home. Their current home spans a total of 12,000 square feet with spacious indoor and outdoor space. Exterior screens and shutters can be lowered to enclose the under-roof section of the veranda where there is a spacious outdoor kitchen, seating and dining areas. There are also two boat docks with lifts and roofs, as well as a pier. The house, built by Koogler Homes, was designed to curve so nearly every room has a view of the bay or canal.

“Wherever we go, we see water,” said Sharon Janicke.

Inside, Janicke loves the chandelier in the two-story entryway.

“I think it’s bling. I love the bling,” she described.

She also loves the ceiling in the great room which has a wooden circular center and then wooden beams emanating like sunbeams. The house has many extras like the butler’s kitchen and a large game room. There is space for a theater room, but the Janickes currently use it for storage. Throughout the house, the couple created a scene worthy of their sirens. The rooms have nautical themes. The exterior pool wall shimmers like mermaid scales with its iridescent colored tiles.

Janicke likes to see people enjoying her home.

“It’s what people stop to see,” she said, pointing to the giant mermaid mural on the outside wall. “It adds a lot of interest. »

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