Legend of Jin Mu Won VS. Zoro from One Piece

Roronoa Zoro wants to be “the greatest swordsman in the world”, but how would he cope with The Northern Blade – Jin Mu Won?

The world of shonen is full of characters who strive to be “the strongest”, as well as a myriad of famous swordsmen, demonstrating their unique and awe-inspiring techniques to the admiration of audiences around the world. Among dozens of swordsmen, The Legend of the Northern BladeThe protagonist of Jin Mu Won only seeks revenge on his fallen father, never aspiring to be the greatest; despite this, he is still in the higher realms of power, speed, and stamina.

Likewise, A playInitially, Roronoa Zoro didn’t grow up wanting to be the world’s greatest swordsman, but instead fulfilled the dream on behalf of his childhood friend Kuina. As a result, he has become a real beast and one of the most popular anime swordsmen around. It is therefore natural to compare these different warriors and wonder who would triumph if they had to cross the same universe.

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The strength required to be the greatest

Zoro billionaire global trichiliocosm

Growing up in the ruins of the Northern Heavenly Sect under the constant watch of the Central Heavenly Alliance, Jin Mu Won secretly learned the “Gathering of Ten Thousand Shadows”, the hidden martial art from the founder of the Northern Heavenly Sect, Buk Jin. -Hu. This powerful set of swordsmanship techniques forms the basis of Jin’s strength, allowing him to strike down all First Generation Disciples of Gong-Dong Monastery with just air pressure by drawing his blade. He went on to defeat the monastery leader Mu-Gwang with a technique called “Shadowed Blade of the End: Spirit of the Fallen Star”, which creates a giant torrent of shadow energy above Jin that he can use to attack his enemies. after putting overwhelming mental pressure on them. This technique is comparable in power and style to Zoro’s “dragon twister”, without requiring Jin to get airborne to use it.

With his mastery of the three-sword style, and after practicing during the time skip with A Rooms the current strongest swordsman “Dracule Mihawk”, Zoro’s greatest feat in the series came when he split Pica in half (after assimilating himself to a mountain) using the “Billionaire World Trichiliocosm”. In chapter 69 of Legend of the Northern Blade Jin performed a similar feat, channeling all the shadow energy he could muster into a technique called “One Focus”, he dissected Jo Cheon-Woo and simultaneously sliced ​​an entire chain in half. of mountains behind Jo. Jin is also able to use the “inner shadow” to detect and pinpoint the location of any living presence in a wide surrounding area, similar to how Zoro was able to use observation haki to find Jin’s true body. Pica inside the mountain. As a result, Zoro and Jin seem on par when it comes to their physical power.

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The cursed blades bear their weight

snow flower spirit

The Origin Of Zoro’s Many Swords Throughout A play has been explored extensively throughout the series’ 25-year serialization, focusing on high-quality blades with legendary status and/or cursed blades that are powerful with their own personalities. The recent notable addition to his arsenal is “Enma”, the former blade of legendary swordsman Kozuki Oden, who is capable of destroying an entire cliff with a slight swing but has a temperamental personality, drawing all of Zoro’s haki out of him with force. if he is not careful.

Jin Mu Won’s blade is called “Snow Flower”, a “bewitched” (cursed) blade of his own creation, which took him 2 years to forge from a fallen meteorite. Snow Flower’s bewitched personality comes from the female leader of a tribal group who once worshiped the meteorite, but was later slaughtered for a demonic blood art ritual, imbuing the leader’s desire for revenge in stone and by the sequel, in Jin’s Sword. Unlike Zoro’s cursed sword which has a tendency to rebel against his will, Snow Flower has been shown to aid Jin in battle many times. The spirit of the blade was able to possess “Chung-In” when it made contact with her, preventing her from stealing the sword while Jin slept. Snow Flower’s spirit also appeared in a ghostly form around the blade, restraining Jo Cheon-Woo’s arms in his fight with Jin, and also wanted Jin’s body forcefully when his consciousness faded. With that in mind, Jin’s weapon of choice seems to give him a slight advantage as things stand.

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Beyond the Limits of Human Endurance

Roronoa Zora Nothing Happened Scene

Jin Mu-Won has endured many physical hardships throughout the series to date, including but not limited to withstanding Jo Cheon-Woo’s “Fists of Shining Heavens: Rain of Heavenly Destruction” which dug huge chasms in the landscape, blocking the sword god. “Illuminating Sword Outburst” by Yeon Cheon-Hwa and surviving his last technique “Phantom Blade”. Despite the impressive nature of these feats on the surface, in reality, Jin Mu-Won has often been shown to receive medical assistance and also rely on Snow Flower to maintain his consciousness in some cases.

In comparison, Zoro has one of the most famous feats of stamina in any shonen with the famous “nothing happened” scene where he took on all of Luffy’s pain when fighting Gecko Moria in Thriller. Bark expecting him to kill him. He was later found by Sanji the next day, surrounded by his own blood, but still conscious and standing. More recently, Zoro survived a joint attack by two Sea Emperors (Big Mom and Kaido), which hit him head-on. Therefore Zoro has the stamina advantage and in a prolonged battle he would probably be able to absorb more damage, until his opponent runs out of stamina.

Ultimately, a fight between Zoro and Jin Mu-Won would clearly be a hard-fought battle, taking everything both swordsmen have for one of them to win. With Zoro having a small advantage in a stamina battle, and the pair evenly matched in strength, the battle will likely be decided by the combatant’s use of their respective blades and how the blades react in combat. Snow Flower’s influence could be a deciding factor in the fight for Jin, but at the same time, if Zoro were to overcome Enma’s current rebellious nature, he would certainly offer more in terms of offensive power and turn the tables on Jin.

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