How to solve the Redmane painting puzzle

The Redmane Painting puzzle in Elden Ring takes players through Caelid in search of the original artist who depicted Castle Redmane from afar.

Elden Ring Redmane Painting Puzzle Location Caelid Dragonbarrow Map

Paintings in Ring of Elden are a kind of puzzle that sends players to locate a specific location in search of a special reward. For example, the Stormveil Castle prophecy painting depicts the castle in the distance, but the original spirit artist is not in Stormveil – they are in the Weeping Peninsula on a cliff facing Stormveil.

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When you find a painting in Ring of Elden first note any special landmarks or coloring – Redmane’s painting depicts Redmane’s Castle beyond a crimson plain and beneath a blood red sky, which screams Caelid. The ruins in the foreground are a clue to the solution, but to get there you’ll need to refine your Ring of Elden parkour skills.


Look for the painting behind the rubble of Sellia

Elden Ring Redmane Painting Puzzle Solution Place of Origin Sellia Town of Sorcery Caelid

Sellia, the City of Sorcery, is a location in central Caelid, northeast of Aeonia Swamp and just south of Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow. The easiest way to get there is to take the teleporter trap in the dragon-scorched ruins of Limgrave, which leads to the Sellia Crystal Tunnel under the city. Be careful when exploring the settlement, as there are plenty of invisible NPCs with quick throws.

Beneath an outcrop of a building, half-buried behind a pile of bricks and a collapsed roof, is the Redmane Painting. It’s hard to see when speeding through town on Torrent, so it’s a good idea to slow down, fight a few enemies at a time to take out any threats, and search the board when you’re sure you have won don’t be bothered by a rogue glintstone pebble.

Solution to the Redmane painting puzzle

Elden Ring Redmane Paint Puzzle Solution Jumping Puzzle Caelid

Once you have the Redmane painting in your inventory, it can be referenced in the same tab that contains your notes and game tips. You will need to exit lower Caelid and head to Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow to find the original artist. The easiest way to get here is to progress through D’s questline until he introduces you to the Beast Clergyman at the Bestial Sanctum in the northern part of the area. Head south past Farum Greatbridge and past the dragon until you reach Lenne’s Rise, a wizard’s tower jutting out into the distance.

Take the Spirit Spring to the cliffs above and head east until you roughly pass the Minor Erdtree. Look along the edge of the cliff, you’ll see a set of branches leading to an outcrop and a sleeping Golem. Descend to the highest point of the largest branch closest to the edge and jump carefully along the branches and columns until you reach the bottom – some parts are actually easier with Torrent, but remember Realize that sometimes it’s best to dismiss Torrent and re-summon to reorient yourself in tight areas. At the bottom, there is a leaning ledge on the edge in front of the Sleeping Golem. Line up the Redmane painting with your location and a spirit artist will eventually appear. To solve this puzzle, players are given Ash of War: Rain of Arrows for bows.

Ring of Elden is available now on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X|S.

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